Published by Gregory Benford on March 5th, 2012

CHILLER by Gregory Benford, 2011 editionChiller (1993) (Revised edition 2011)

“Tense, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking.” – Dean Koontz.

Originally published under the pen name, Sterling Blake, Chiller is one of Gregory Benford’s most thrilling convergences of science and imagination. What happens when cryonics works – when scientists begin to awaken the cryonically preserved “Chillers” who lie frozen and waiting? Benford gives us a story that snaps along through the crazed mind of a serial killer, the scientists he stalks, and the chilling results of science advancing against death.

“This science-based thriller set in contemporary Southern California challenges the idea that death as we know it is final.” – Publishers Weekly

“…technifiction in the Michael Crichton vein.” – Kirkus Reviews


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